Electric Fuel Pump

Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap

Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap

Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap   Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap
Fuel your LS swap or EFI conversion with an easy to install universal in-tank fuel pump module, This submersible fuel pump module features a billet aluminum top plate and has an adjustable tank depth from 5 to 16 inches, Includes a Walbro GSS340 fuel pump which has a 255 LPH flow rate and is for use with 40 to 70 psi of fuel pressure, The pump module top flange has labeled ports for fuel feed, return, and vent fittings, 5-3/4-inch mounting flange features 16 holes on 5-inch diameter bolt circle. Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap. Designed to retrofit into any tank with a suitable mounting surface. Requires a minimum of 5-inches of tank depth for installation.

Fits tanks up to 16 inches deep and can be trimmed to length in 3/8-inch increments. Supports fuel injected engines, including multiport and throttle body systems. Perfect for LS swap fuel system needs and most factory or aftermarket EFI systems.

Works with all popular aftermarket EFI systems such as FiTech Go EFI and Holley Sniper. 255 LPH Walbro gerotor style pump designed for return-style EFI system use only. Built in reservoir eliminates fuel starvation and need for custom EFI fuel tank.

Suitable for use with non-ethanol fuels and standard pump gas (up to E-10). Not to be used for E85 fuel systems or in any "flex fuel" capacity. Features high flow AN 6 inlet and outlet fittings with billet mounting plate. Supports 500 plus horsepower, including low boost supercharger or turbo systems.

Convert Your Muscle Car or Classic Truck Project to EFI With Our in Tank Fuel Pump. The efficiency and driveability of a electronic fuel injection system is certainly well known by enthusiasts. Once the initial hurdle of cost has been cleared the next set of questions are what EFI system to run based on application needs, how to provide suitable fuel flow and pressure to it, and how is it tuned.

We'll save the EFI system comparison for another time, but the fuel demand can easily be handled by retrofitting a universal in tank fuel pump to your existing fuel tank. Providing your existing tank is in good condition and has an available flat mounting surface for a retrofit in tank fuel pump mounting flange, our electric universal fuel pump kit will save you a lot of expense over the typical EFI fuel tank conversion kit. Installing an inline electric universal fuel pump was the only option in the early days of EFI retrofits, but these frame rail mounted pumps often only solved one problem (providing EFI fuel pressure levels) while creating several new problems pump noise, pump exposure to heat, mounting restrictions, low fuel levels creating inconsistent fuel pressure, and more! The earliest in tank fuel pump solutions required an EFI specific fuel tank to retrofit, increasing cost. Many of these EFI retrofit were only available for popular models too. Great if you have a'68 Mustang or'69 Camaro, but not so great if you're trying to add EFI to your'63 Plymouth Valiant! Today's universal in tank fuel pump retrofit modules are the best option to deliver the proper EFI spec fuel pressure to your fuel injection system.

They eliminate fuel starvation, mounting issues, fuel pump noise, and all the other headaches a frame mounted pump used to cause. Designed To Fit Most Factory Fuel Tanks or Fuel Cells.

At the heart of our universal electric fuel pump in tank assembly is a genuine Walbro GSS340 gerotor-style submersible fuel pump. This fuel pump is rated for 255 LPH (67 GPH) and is an OEM level replacement fuel pump designed for a universal mounting solution.

The pump is extremely quiet, allowing you to hear your tunes, your exhaust, or the person riding with you if you so choose! Instead of the unruly growl of a frame mounted universal electric fuel pump.

The gerotor design is highly efficient, creating superior suction on the inlet side for consistent fuel pressure. The Walbro GSS340 can support over 500 horsepower naturally aspirated and is also suitable for low boost applications. While tested to over 100 psi, this electric fuel pump with return line is a perfect for use as an EFI-rated pump and will last many years at the typical 40-60 psi of factory or aftermarket EFI systems. These pumps are perfect for use as your LS swap fuel pump kit.

Note that we do not recommend this as an in tank fuel pump for carburetor applications. Unlike other products on the market that make do with 1/4-inch fittings that require NPT adapters, our AN 6 fittings provide a generous 3/8-inch feed and return for your EFI system.

Furthermore, our billet mounting flange prevents confusion by providing engraved port identification right on the face of the flange. If you've ever mixed up your supply and return lines you know it can be a real head scratcher as to why your brand new EFI system will not run! We know we've mentioned it previously, but this truly is a great LS swap in-tank fuel pump kit solution. Simple Installation Using Hand Tools with Just a Single Mounting Hole Required.

Dedicated EFI fuel tanks are complicated affairs. They have welded in baffles, wiring bulkheads and pass through fittings, or large removable fuel pump modules. Some even require modifications to your frame or body for mounting.

As we mentioned earlier, you'll also only find them for the most popular applications, so if you're blazing an unfamiliar trail or possibly fitting some obscure factory tank between your pinched and notched frame rails, using a retrofit in-tank fuel pump assembly kit like this is certainly your best answer. As long as you have a suitable top surface that is flat with sufficient room for the mounting flange you're good to go with a single 4-inch hole that is drilled with a common hole saw blade.

This kit can certainly be used as a fuel cell intank pump conversion as well. The pump assembly can fit tank depths from 5 to 16 inches and the pump bracket can be trimmed in 3/8-inch increments to place the sump tray at the bottom of the tank. The sump tray prevents fuel starvation to the pump's inlet by keeping the inlet filter screen submersed in fuel at all times, whether hard cornering, braking, or acceleration. You won't have to worry about lean fuel conditions as the fuel tank level drops as you would with a frame rail mounted universal electric fuel pump conversion kit.

Connections are industry standard AN6 that allow you to plumb your fuel system with your choice of and to your and. A pressure regulator is required for this fuel pump on most EFI systems unless it is a throttle body based unit with built in regulator.

A popular option is our. This provides a short return line path and provides the proper post pump filtration and the proper LS fuel pressure of 58 psi (the same pressure is used in most aftermarket EFI systems as well) without the need for the cost and mounting hassle of an external regulator.

Installation can be handled in under an hour and our in tank fuel pump module is the perfect LS swap fuel system solution. Of course, it works well on just about any GM, Ford, or Mopar engine using stock or aftermarket EFI components. Ensure there is sufficient clearance from the top of the fuel tank to the underside of your truck's bed or vehicle's trunk floor for not only the pump fittings and wiring connections, but for the 90-degree AN 6 hose fittings that will be attached to your pump. We recommend a minimum of 2 inches of clearance.

Use a light and an inspection mirror or an inspection camera to confirm your fuel pump mounting location will not interfere with any factory tank baffling or the fuel gauge sending unit's float and arm inside the tank before drilling your mounting hole. If the fuel tank has been used we strongly encourage you to have the tank purged of all fuel vapor or fill the tank with water before doing any drilling on the tank itself. A shop vac will help minimize metal shavings, but the use of a hose to rinse the tank and or blowing it out with compressed air will eliminate any residual metal shavings. Many aftermarket EFI systems include a built in fuel pump relay and fuel pump power wire lead, but if your system does not, we recommend the use of a stand alone to provide direct system voltage to the pump for best results. Electric Fuel Pump Outlet Fitting(s).

67 GPH / 255 LPH. By Jumpster on April 30, 2021. Well made changed the zip fastener to stainless hose clamps. Yes, I recommend this product. By None on December 03, 2020. Used in the new fuel tank in my wife's truck. By Mighty mouse on November 27, 2020. By RK on May 07, 2020. Make sure if you have baffles in tank to cut hole in right place, good luck. May not be easy unless you can fabricate. Excellent solution for EFI in your hot rod. By Jeff on December 10, 2019. I used this module in a 68 Chevy C10.

Because I could set the depth of the pump I was not limited on fuel tanks like some other name brands. This module is well constructed and very simple to follow instructions. You can't go wrong unless you drill the hole in the wrong spot. Related Items / Suggested Parts.

Walbro GSS340 In-Tank Fuel Pumps, 1985-95 Mustang GT. Walbro 94-615 GSS340 Wiring Pigtail. Walbro 125-135B GSS340 Filter Sock.

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Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap   Universal In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Module, Retrofit EFI/LS Swap