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6.5L Diesel Glovebox Kit HD PMD and Lift pump Don't be stranded

6.5L Diesel Glovebox Kit HD PMD and Lift pump Don't be stranded

6.5L Diesel Glovebox Kit HD PMD and Lift pump Don't be stranded   6.5L Diesel Glovebox Kit HD PMD and Lift pump Don't be stranded
6.5L GM Diesel "Glovebox Kit" - For all 6.5L Diesel (Turbo and non) 1994 - 2002 - What in the world is a "glovebox kit"? It is a kit that you keep in your glovebox of the most common failure items for a particular vehicle. What is in this "glovebox kit"?

The two most common failure items likely to leave you stranded with your 6.5L - a PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) and a lift pump. I now carry extras of both items! Following is info on the individual components in the kit.... (PMD) from AccurateDiesel also known as.

Tired of unreliable OEM PMDs? The HD PMD is built to last! The 6.5L Diesel with electronic injection was introduced in 1994. In the seventeen years following, owners have been plagued by stalling and PMD failure.

Now, there is an alternative, the HD PMD from AccurateDiesel. Here are a few of the advantages / improvements of the HD PMD. Electrical components are rated for 125 degrees C vs. Design allows for thermal expansion and contraction without causing component cracking.

Improved transistor mounting for better torque retention. AND a lower price than the OEM PMD! Replacing your PMD may solve many stalling, hard starting and hesitation problems.

Which may be accompanied by codes 35/36 on 1995 and older models, or 1216 on 1996 and newer models. If your truck shuts off like someone reached over and turned off the key, you probably need a new PMD! Don't replace the whole injection pump if you only need a new PMD! This is a direct bolt on replacement for all 6.5L Diesel - Works on Pickups, Vans, Express/Savanna, H1 Hummer, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, etc.

Note: The HD PMD will plug into the original connector on your vehicle. It does NOT require changing harnesses or using special adapters as do new grey-colored PMD's.

We also carry the FSD Heat Sync and a Complete "FSD Kit" including a new PMD Module, Heat Sync, and resistor - everything you need to install the PMD in 15 minutes or less with ordinary hand tools - no special skills required! Complete, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are included! Replaces the following part numbers: 30214, 34583, 39405, 35976, 19209057, DT76301, 19207721, 12562836 LIFT PUMP.

New ACDelco Fuel lift pump. The most common symptoms of lift pump failure are slightly harder starting and low power. This pump is located underneath the driver's seat area inside of the frame rail and should produce around 4 PSI of pressure to the injection pump. You should be able to hear and feel this pump running. Another method to verify the pump's operation is to open the fuel filter water drain in the engine compartment (brass "T" handle) with the engine running.

If fuel sprays from the end of the hose and the truck continues to run, the pump is still working. If the truck dies, you may need a new pump. Continuing to operate with a failed lift pump causes overheating and eventual failure of the injection pump and PMD (if you have not graduated to a remote mount PMD). Before replacing a lift pump that is not working, be sure to check for 12 volts at it's terminals with the truck running.

Use paperclips to back probe the connection instead of unplugging the pump since an unloaded circuit will give a false reading. If 12 volts is not present, the problem may lie with the oil pressure switch located at the back of the left cylinder head. The pump receives power through this switch with the engine running, but through a separate relay with the engine cranking. If you are experiencing a random stalling issue with your 6.5L, the most likely cause is the PMD, which can be replaced with our heavy duty version.

If a delay occurs that is longer than would normally be considered commercially acceptable, we will attempt to contact you. Please take a moment to read it. Local auto parts stores will not pay your travel costs to return a part either.

Applications We guarantee our parts to be as described by part number, picture, and verbiage. While we do our best, vehicle applications, however, simply cannot be guaranteed. In most cases, we do not generate application lists.

It is the nature of the auto parts business that, in rare cases, a part will not be correct for a certain vehicle even though it "should" fit. This may occur because of errors on application lists, mid-year production changes, changes to the vehicle since it was built, the fact that a car was not built for the US market, etc. If a part does not fit your vehicle, this does not mean the part is not as described. Problems can be solved much more easily when civility is kept intact. The item "6.5L Diesel Glovebox Kit HD PMD and Lift pump Don't be stranded" is in sale since Monday, July 8, 2013.

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  1. Brand: ATS
  2. Interchange Part Number: Pump Mounted driver Fuel solenoid driver FSD
  3. Manufacturer Part Number: GM Chevy GMC
  4. Other Part Number: Electric Transfer Feed Supply Pump Hummer H1
  5. Warranty: Yes

6.5L Diesel Glovebox Kit HD PMD and Lift pump Don't be stranded   6.5L Diesel Glovebox Kit HD PMD and Lift pump Don't be stranded